You don't have to live with Hair Loss.

Hair Loss is now correctable. The trauma of Hair Loss can affect every aspect of your life, it does not need to.

Prescription Treatments such as Minoxidil, Finesteride etc are available which can be prescribed to stop your Hair Loss.

If your Hair Loss has progressed passed simply stopping the Loss, then undetectable Hair Systems are now available, which replace Hair Lost in the most natural way.
Systems can be made to replace hair loss in small steps, from as small as a scar piece to a full head system, you can then slowly enlarge the replacement system to gradually return your hair coverage to normal.

We do not deal with Treatments that do not have proven back up.

We use the very best, finest, natural density Lace systems, for a natural final look, Monofilament Lace types, Mesh etc.

Our systems are designed so you can if required carry out any re-tightening your self, so reducing further your required clinic time.

Hair Systems, Wigs and Toupee's can now be removed every day or bonded for 24 hour wear.

Stock or ready made wigs and toupees are made to set styles and colours, Custom made are made to customer requirements, from colour cuttings and templates.

Dr Ross PhD is always happy to answer any questions you may have, please use this email link.

We can come to you!

No need to travel when we can visit you at home or at one of our centres around the country
6-12 month hair restoration

Using prescription medication to restore lost hair

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Finest Lace Systems

The very best, most natural and undetectable systems for Ladies and Gents

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